At FLOAT we believe that luxury can't be manufactured or faked.  It's hand crafted, it's designed, it's deliberate.  Luxury means that every detail is thought of and every feeling is cared for.  It is born out of passion and built out of creativity.  

From the moment you enter, you will see the attention to detail; starting with our hand crafted reception desk. 

After you check in, you will be escorted to a locker room where you can leave behind the outside world and change into a comfortable robe.

Women's locker room

This way to bliss....

Men's locker room

15 minutes in a massage chair is always included with a float 

At FLOAT we have both cabin and pod style tanks

Tank rooms 5, 6, 7, and 8

After your float grab a cup of water or hot tea...

Enjoy our art gallery featuring local artists

Lose yourself!

Have a seat and enjoy your post float glow.