Summer Float Challenge!

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Float more, Win Stuff. 

Our Summer Float Challenge is all about finding out how floating can impact your life when you make it a regular practice.  To encourage your endeavor into the depths, we have come up with a fun challenge.  There are five levels, and you have six weeks to complete the challenge.  Don't worry, this is no winner takes all competition, you get prizes at each step; they just get better the farther you make it!  As always, we will do our best to make it fun.  This contest has a game board, stickers, and... did we mention prizes!?  

Here's are the levels: 

Here are the PRIZES!

I'm in!  So how does it work?

The challenge runs from August 8th through September 17th, so you have six weeks to get to the highest level you can.  Once you are signed up below, just start floating!  Each float gets you to the next level, so first float you become a Cadet, second float you are a Mariner, etc.  The more floats you get in during the challenge the better the rewards get!  Sorry, we don't have discounts for the floats, so we recommend signing up for the membership!  Our membership has no contract, so we would love for you to keep it, but if you cancel after the challenge, that's ok.  The membership is only $55 a month, but extra floats are only $50!  So, you could do the whole program for as low as $250, but you get over $180 value in prizes!  If you have any questions about how the program works, feel free to call us at 210-562-3310.  Float on our sensory sailors~ 

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