The link below will take you to our store and scheduler where you can purchase floats or massages, gift cards, or schedule a service!  For pricing see the menu below

Pricing menu


All of our float sessions come with a complimentary 15-minute session in a massage chair and as much time as you need in our lounge with a cup of tea afterwards.

60-minute Float          $69

90-minute Float          $85

120-minute Float **     $109

Call for pricing on longer float sessions up to 10 hours!

Float Club Membership

A membership to our float club gets you one float or massage session each month!  

60-minute membership  $55

90-minute Membership  $69


All massage sessions give you access to our lounge where you can relax with a cup of tea or mineral water  (we don't kick you out of the door after your massage).

60-minute Massage     $60

90-minute Massage **  $79

Get $10 off a massage if it's an add-on to a float session!

30-minute massages available when therapist on-site.


Couples Float                         $119

(Two simultaneous 60-minute floats in separate tanks)

Massage + Float (60-min)**  $119

Tri-Floating Package***         $119

(New Clients Only - your first three 60-minute floats)

Tri-Floating More        ***       $149

(New Clients Only - your first three 90-minute floats)

***Tri-Floating packages can only be purchased once and floats cannot be shared with other guests



Summer 2018 we will be adding infrared Sauna to our wellness services!  It is amazing for overall health and very relaxing!  


Gift Cards

All services and packages can be purchased as gift cards in our online store or at our physical location.  If you drop by the shop we have nice pre-printed gift cards that we can prepare for you.  If you order online you will be emailed a gift card that you can print at-home. 

Gift cards are valid for 1 year.  Refunds are only available for 30 days after the purchase date. 


** Must call in to schedule